Your assignment begins by picking a publicly-traded company and a publicly-trade

Your assignment begins by picking a publicly-traded company and a publicly-traded competitor for that company. In Chapter 2 of the textbook, there are five categories of ratios listed: Liquidity, Activity, Debt Management, Profitability, and Market Values. You will pick one ratio from each category and calculate that ratio based on year-end numbers on the financial statements for the last three years for your company and the competitor you chose.
Utilize and cite a FinTech mobile application or website to assist you with your research.
You will end up with 30 total ratios. 15 ratios for your company, and the corresponding 15 ratios for the competitor.
Use a FinTech Mobile Application to cross-reference your ratios.
All of these ratios should be calculated using Excel, and the final ratios formatted as a table.
After the ratios are calculated, you are to develop a 10-15 (excluding title and reference slide) slide presentation in PowerPoint discussing your findings.
Each ratio will require 2-3 slides.
Discuss the trends you see, how your company compares to the competitor, and overall what you think that ratio means for the company.
Be sure to utilize the “speaker notes” feature in Excel to explain your slides.
You might want to review Create a presentation in PowerPoint (Links to an external site.) from the Microsoft website. (1)

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