Write a research essay that explores some aspect of identity. This essay must b

Write a research essay that explores some aspect of identity. This essay must be at least 1000 words long, and be written in MLA format.
For this essay you must use at least three sources. One of the sources must come from the library database. These sources must be listed on your works cited AND have in text citations.
Your essay must contain all of the structures of a proper academic essay.
This essay is not simply an historical essay – you must make an argument about identity that is backed up by your research. Be sure to have a strong thesis statement that addresses the word’s impact.
You could use this as a reference
Political Identity and Preference for Supplemental Educational Programs
Please use this brainstorm as thesis It is important to understand our identity and be ableto articulate it for a number of reasons. First, if wedon’t know who we are, we can’t be sure of our placein the world. We might end up feeling lost and adrift,without a sense of purpose or direction. Second, if wecan’t articulate our identity, we’ll have a hard timecommunicating with others. They won’t be able tounderstand us, and we won’t be able to understandthem. Third, if we don’t know our own identity, wemight be taken advantage of by others. We might bepersuaded to do things that we wouldn’t normally door to believe things that aren’t true, simply because we don’t have a strong sense of self. Finally, if we don’t understand our identity, we might miss out on opportunities that are a perfect fit for us. We might pass up chances to make a real difference in the world or to connect with people who could become lifelong friends. In short, understanding our identity is essential to living a happy, fulfilling life. Why is it important to understand our identity and be able to articulate it?

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