Upload either a Word or PDF document that responds to ONE of the question prompt

Upload either a Word or PDF document that responds to ONE of the question prompts. Indicate in your essay which prompt your essay is answering. The essay response must be a minimum of 850 words. For starters, the first thing you must formulate in your essay is your thesis, i.e. the conclusion that you’ll be arguing. Be sure to thoroughly explain and argue for your position while also considering alternative possibilities and explanations, making sure to explain why they are less justified that your own position (I’ve attached an essay outline that can help give you the basic structure for how to setup your own essay).
Here are the two prompts you can choose from to write your Journal Response:
1) The positions of Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism both place self-interest at the center of morality. Explain the difference between the two positions and contrast them with the position of altruism. Do you believe that it is possible to act solely in the interest of another person (i.e. altruism) or are all of our actions fundamentally self-interested? Which position in the debate do you find the most convincing (psychological egoism, ethical egoism, or altruism) regarding human nature and its relation to morality? Keep in mind that ‘altruism’ as a position does not require all of our actions to be altruistic, just that at least some of our actions are such. Make sure to support your point with multiple arguments and explanations that make your position more likely to be true.
2) Nozick’s thought-experiment regarding ‘the experience machine’ was intended to refute hedonism. Explain the position of ‘hedonism’ as defended by Epicurus and answer Nozick’s question as to whether you yourself would enter the experience machine. What does your answer tell us about your view regarding the ultimate nature of values? Do you agree with Nozick that the thought experiment refutes the claims made by hedonism?
Structure the essay as shown in the file below. Please read the instructions CAREFULLY and formulate a response to one of the two prompts shown. Also, please constantly refer to the Philisophy Essay Rubric in order to create a quality essay.

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