This project requires you to select an organization, then design, develop and im

This project requires you to select an organization, then design, develop and implement a training program for that organization. Periodically, you will submit assignments based on the development of the project, leading to the final submission of your training program.
Transfer of training means that learners are able to transfer the knowledge and skills learned in a training session back to their jobs. The importance of training transfer cannot be overemphasized; organizations spend billions of dollars each year on training, yet only a fraction of that investment results in improved performance, particularly if training transfer is not supported by the employer. Effective training design incorporates learning goals and adult learning principles that enhance successful transfer, ultimately leading to improved individual and organization.
ASSIGNMENT: You will design training activities and visual aids for your presentation. Ensure your training content incorporates methods that facilitate transfer of training. Consider how you will measure transfer after the training is concluded. Submit a Power Point presentation describing your training activities and visual aids. Include comments about how your planned instruction will accomplish transfer of training.
My organization is named : Wellbeing and the organization focuses on taking care of seniors in thein their homes to help them stay out of the hospitals and provide preventative care. See attachements for more information.

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