This paper should be detailed, providing evidence of your ability to plan and bu

This paper should be detailed, providing evidence of your ability to plan and build the project. What data will be collected? How will the data be analyzed? What is your sample type and size? What techniques will be used and are they scientifically valid? Does the methodology match your objectives and problem statement? NOTE: SAMPLE SIZE DETERMINATION SHOULD BE MADE BY STATISTICIANS (IF AVAILABLE) TO AVOID RESEARCH ERRORS ASSOCIATED WITH INADEQUATE
Furthermore, this presentation will present the strategy to address the research question. The presentation will include examples from literature to develop a mature and defensible design in the project. The strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities to the design should be discussed. This presentation will support the decision to use the tools selected.
Then, This presentation represents evidence showing the collected data to date. This evidence should have the complete data set of the samples done thus far, as well as the skeletal structure of the data yet to be retrieved. Discussion is necessary identifying the strengths and weakness in experimental design as revealed by the data set to date. The impact of these deficiencies must be evaluated.
Furthermore, this presentation is a wrap-up presentation of the progress of the semester toward completion of towards the thesis. The general goal is that data collection completion should finished this semester.

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