This assignmet is the continuation of a first paper (I will attach the first p

This assignmet is the continuation of a first paper (I will attach the first paper) .
The focus of the first paper was to describe the search strategy I used to find four nursing articles about Cultural
Competence. Now, for this assignment I have to use these four articles and write a paper that is a synthesis of what was
covered in the articles . Should be a synthesis, not just a linking of abstracts.
-Abstract ( 150 words or less) and keywords.
-3 page narrative (with in-text citation), which include:
– Introduction providing an overview of the topic., and why this is an advanced practice concern in nursing and
significance. You can use elements from the fisrt paper again in this paper.
-Provide a brief review of the search process used to find the articles (1-2 paragraphs) (Look at the fisrt paper)
– Synthesis of articles : summarizing the information . Not to use direct quotes, but to paraphrase, summarize, and
synthesize the findings.
– Conclusion : please emphasize how does cultural competence educational interventions (simulation, online education, dramatization) compared with the regular or traditional education programs can improve the ability to
provide culturally competent care in advanced practice nursing.
– Reference page
-APA 7 format
I’m attaching the first paper and the four articles to be used for this paper.

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