*This assessment has a MAXIMUM length of 4 double spaced pages, excluding refere

*This assessment has a MAXIMUM length of 4 double spaced pages, excluding reference pages and appendices. Because you need to fill the two table in Appendix, I set the total length of the pay is 5 pages.
TASK: You’re now a clinical psychologist and your task for this assignment is to WRITE a risk assessment section of a forensic assessment report that would be presented during a Dangerous or Long-Term Offender hearing.
You will FIRST need to read the document titled “02-Case Summary” in order to complete the risk assessment section of this report (please note the structure requirements below). This assessment is being written from your perspective and you are allowed to use first person pronouns (e.g., I conducted the risk assessment…). The headings and structure for your report are provided on the next page of this instruction sheet. Under each heading, instructions for what should appear in those sections are outlined. If you draw on course concepts, please support your answers with material from the lectures or readings (with in-text citations).
STRUCTURE: Your risk assessment report will be submitted in APA format (double-spaced word document, in Times New Roman, 12-point font and 1-inch margins).
Insert a table identifying the THREE most salient risk factors you are considering for this case. Your table should have the following headings AND should be formatted according to APA guidelines (include a title for your table). Your “Support from the case information” section can be point form. Your table can be single spaced to save space in the document. Describe any other factor that you think the judge should know about
For this assignment, you will be scoring both the VRAM-R and the HCR-11 (fill in the scoring tables found in the Appendix of this document and include them in your final submission in the Appendix of your document; you do not have to provide the instruction pages).
Provide an evidence-based treatment plan for Mr. Johnson.
Based on Mr. Johnson’s supervision history, what concerns would you have about managing his risk in the community? What do you suggest in terms of supervision? Be sure to justify your choice.
Given all of the information you have provided, would you recommend that Mr. Johnson be declared a Dangerous Offender or would you recommend that he be declared a Long-Term Offender? Be sure to justify your choice.
The detail requirement will be provide in the file 01-Assignment Instructions, plesase read before you doing work.
*The detail of requirement will be provide in file 01-Assignment Instructions, please see the file first.
*The file 03-Assignment FORMATTING EXAMPLE is an example of this assessment, you need to complete this risk assessment exactly same as the format show in the file.
*The file 04 is the scoring sheets that provide in the appendix of file 01 in word(they are exactly the same, just in word.
*You only can use the References can only use the course materials and readings I uploaded.

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