Then write a 3-4 page memo to recommend strategies to be implemented for brandin

Then write a 3-4 page memo to recommend strategies to be
implemented for branding by CapraTek.
In today’s markets, a brand that stands for something and
stands out from the crowd goes a long way to sell products as well as attract
high quality employees. The HR team can contribute to the brand by helping the
marketers tell the story of the unknown service ethic of the company or how
they inspire their diverse employees. The brand of the company is a part of the
employee experience from attraction to departure.
While the brand attracts, it also reinforces connection and
commitment between employee and organization. It is also representative of the
organization’s culture. When employees tell others about their company, the
culture and brand are wrapped into one story. Every time an employee shares
information about the organization, it is a story about challenges, successes,
and failures. These stories give listeners a feel for the company’s
character—is this a company that is resilient, persistent, competent, caring?
How the story is told matters. The individual reflection can yield pride or
resentment. Once in the organization, the candidate will either embrace the
culture or not. One of the elements that influence this is the employee’s
personal alignment to the mission of the organization. If what attracted the
applicant to the company transitions to a sense of belonging and common
purpose, that employee will be proud to work for their organization. When
employees are proud of their company’s work, there is a foundation or
engagement that is supported by culture.

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