Research essay plan Topic: Choose an illness or one of the health or healthcare

Research essay plan
Choose an illness or one of the health or healthcare issues facing women in Canada today: access to healthcare (e.g., regional, rural); dieting or eating disorders; reproductive rights or issues (e.g., birth control, fertility, pregnancy, abortion, natural birthing); sexual health; alternative approaches and models; environmental health issues; addiction and health.
Your essay must apply an intersectional analysis. As you cannot possibly discuss all groups of women affected by the issue you have selected to write about in a short paper, you need to narrow your topic further. To this end you should select a particular group of women. The group you select may be privileged OR marginalized by the intersection of gender with race/ethnicity/indigeneity, class, sexuality, or ability. For example, if you are discussing dating and hook-up culture in Canada, you may focus on female college students, many of whom are white and middle class.
Essay Planning and Development info:
1. Which theoretical concepts will be helpful to develop an analytical framework that explains the problem you have identified from a feminist perspective? To this end, the first section of your essay after the introduction will begin by explaining the workings of patriarchy in relation to your broader topic. The specifics of the framework you build will depend on your topic. If you are focusing on Aboriginal women, for example, you will draw on key ideas from anti-racist feminism. Your framework is not meant to be a summary of a particular theory (e.g. liberal feminism).
2. What kind of background information, including history is needed to understand the present situation?
3. What is the scope of the problem? What are some of the causes (depending on the topic, this could be partially addressed in Q.2)? How have the lives of this group of women been negatively affected?
4. What types of resistance and feminist advocacy are being undertaken to address the problem? How effective are these in leading to positive change?
1. Prepare an outline of the main sections of the body of the essay. The sections are not paragraphs and should follow the general sequence of the questions listed above. The outline is NOT a summary of the essay and should not include any direct quotations. The outline should be in report form with headings for each section. Each section should contain a list of points you will include. For each point, you must indicate which source(s) you plan to reference. Use APA in-text citations (author, date).
2. Prepare a preliminary reference list with a minimum of three scholarly external sources in addition to any required readings from the course. The list should include one journal article published in the last ten years.
3. Must use APA 7
4. Three components: 1-preliminary thesis statement. 2-outline. 3-preliminary reference list

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