PLease use this case scenario 1. 1. 31-year old with difficulty “catching

PLease use this case scenario 1. 1. 31-year old with difficulty “catching breath
,see also grading file to see how to do it ,use apa 7th format
attach also 2 example on how to do it esce case 23 and also attached materile book to sue for reference bit you can also use other booj
1. Students will develop and complete My Checklist and Patient Notes of assigned case scenarios using the templates for My Checklist and Patient Note which will be submitted in the Blackboard under Assignment Tab with heading OSCE case studies.
2. The completed My checklist and Patient Notes for all weekly- assigned case scenarios will be submitted on or before the given deadline.
3. All assigned case scenarios can be retrieved from Mastering the USMLE Step 2 CS Clinical Examination: Retequiz (2013) 3rd edition, ISBN -13:978-0071443340, thecourse supplemental reference material.
4. The grading for My Checklist (2.5%) and Patient Note (2.5% per case scenario) of weekly-assigned case scenarios will be equivalent to a total of five (5%) of the total total grade.
5. See rubric for grading of assignments and late assignments will follow late assignment submission policy.
case scenarios (5 pts)
1. 1.31-year old with difficulty “catching breath

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