Part 1: Search the web and find an innovative way Excel is being used. Write a p

Part 1: Search the web and find an innovative way Excel is being used. Write a paragraph (at least 70 words) describing what is being done including the source of your information.
Microsoft Excel is one of the programs in the Microsoft Office suite. Excel is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets and analyze and share information to make more informed decisions. For example, employees can use Excel to determine how much inventory to buy for a clothing retailer, how much medication to administer to a patient, or how much money to spend to stay within a budget. With respect to personal decisions, you can use Excel to determine how much money you can spend on a house, how much you can spend on car lease payments, or how much you need to save to reach your retirement goals. We will demonstrate how you can use Excel to make these decisions and many more throughout this course.
This week, we will discuss Week 1’s reading assignments. Our discussion will focus on using Microsoft Excel as we explore workbooks, worksheets and tables. The topics we will be discussing are:
1. Getting started in Microsoft Excel.
2. Managing worksheets and workbooks.
3. Navigating within workbooks.
4. Entering data and formatting cells.
5. Formatting worksheets and workbooks.
6. Creating, editing, and formatting tables.
7. Configuring content for collaboration.
8. Customizing options and views.
9. Formatting cells and ranges.
10. Modifying tables.
This week’s Read and Watch covers the following topics:
Document Inspector
Why Format Worksheets
Adjusting Column Widths and Row Heights
Formatting with Styles
Using the Format Painter
Dialog Box Launcher
Justifying Text in a Range
Adding Cell Comments
Copying Formats
Merge and Unmerge cells
Banded Rows
Calculated Columns
Structured References
Ensuring Data Integrity
Pasting Formats
Rotating Text
1. Item A: From the list of topics above, choose one topic or term discussed in the reading that stood out to you.
2. Item B: Define or describe the topic, including citations from the Read & Watch material and ANY other additional source/sources.
3. Item C: Discuss the importance of the topic. Cite specific examples from the reading. Include personal experience with the topic if appropriate.
4. There are THREE items to each response: Item A (topic), Item B (definition and citation), Item C (discussion) unless specified otherwise. When you respond, they should be labeled accordingly.
NOTE 2: Please make sure you answer EACH item and LABEL each item (#1, #2, #3, etc) so that I can easily check that each item has been answered.

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