Paper 1: The Commercialization (Commodification) of Identity Parameters: Paper m

Paper 1: The Commercialization (Commodification) of Identity
Paper must be 5 to 7 Pages (1250-1750 words)
Paper must follow all MLA conventions. Look at OWL at Purdue for formatting instructions.
The completed assignment will consist of a rough draft, peer reviews, and the final draft. The grade for all sections comes from the final draft, so it is in your best interest to receive as much feedback as possible.
We have discussed how advertisers used identity to sell products. For this paper you will pick a specific ad, identify the identity being used to sell the product and explain precisely how that identity is being linked to the product to sell it. Please consider that the overwhelming majority of people seeing the ad may not have any affiliation with the identity being pushed. You may use any ad in Signs. You may also use other ads if you run them by me prior to writing your essay. Feel free to do research and find additional sources discussing the ad you are interested in.
Your thesis for this essay should clearly express how identity is being used in the ad and what the intended purpose of using that identity i

Use Kate Upton Carls Jr. commercial
for essay

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