Narrative Essay Instructions: The following criteria reflect the areas needed fo

Narrative Essay Instructions:
The following criteria reflect the areas needed for a successful narrative essay.
The essay should have a clear purpose and a main idea/thesis statement within the first paragraph.
The narrative should share a larger lesson with the audience than simply retelling an event.
A strong narrative centers on a conflict building from introduction to body to a thought-provoking resolution.
It should use descriptive language to bring the reader into the experience.
Please see pages 89-92 for more details about the qualities of an effective narrative essay.
Share one moment related to an experience where you faced a serious challenge.
How did you overcome that challenge?
What did it teach you?
In your conclusion, think about what others should learn based on your experience. (Avoid using “you”–see the Week 1 Blog.)
600 word narrative essay
Microsoft Word document formatted in APA (see below)
Submit to Submission Area
Paragraph or Essay Structure:
Appropriate title indicates the essay’s topic.
Paper addresses all the requirements. (see rubrics)
Paper is logically organized and flows well
Introduction includes relevant background information and a clear thesis statement.
Body paragraphs discuss main purpose and move the story forward
Each paragraph has a clear topic sentence and moves the essay forward
Effective conclusion does more than simply repeat the introduction
Sentence Structure:
Review sentence variety and construction as well as word choice and conciseness.
Correct all comma splices, run-ons, and fragments.
All sentences include complete thoughts, containing a subject and a verb.
Sentences have variety.
Vary lengths and structure using different beginnings, such as prepositional phrases, transition words, or dependent clauses.
Transition words (therefore, however, in addition, etc.) ensure writing flows smoothly, connecting related thoughts or signaling shifts in ideas?
Sentences are concise
Avoid being wordy.
Language and Tone:
Language is appropriate for audience (formal writing)
Point of view is consistent (first person/narrative essay; third person/persuasive essay)
No “announcing” what essay will do. Do not refer to the essay itself.
Essay does not talk down to reader, or make assumptions (avoid expressions like: Obviously, as you know, it is clear)
Grammar & Mechanics:
Sentences correctly punctuated.
Words are properly capitalized (including “I”)
No words inadvertently omitted.
Subject and verb of each sentence agree.
Verbs are consistent in tense (past, present, future)
Pronouns properly refer to their antecedents.
Spelling errors corrected including words spell check does not catch (their/there/they’re; its/it’s)
Paper is properly formatted in APA.
Please review attached document for the proper format for your papers.
Please note the following:
All papers must be Microsoft Word documents.
The paper is double-spaced in Times New Roman, size 12, and has no extra spaces between the paragraphs.
The paper uses one-inch margins and half-inch indentions for the beginning of paragraphs. You can set this up in Microsoft Word to automatically default to these settings for your paper.
NO RESEARCH IS TO BE CONDUCTED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, so you will not need to provide a references page.

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