Make a Brochure regarding heart failure in older adults, here’s an example of a

Make a Brochure regarding heart failure in older adults, here’s an example of a brochure. Assignment 2- Health Resources Patient Handout/Brochure
Key Element NUR 404: Part 2
Use the example to create a professional handout or brochure for patient distribution. (It can be a one page handout or a one/two page hand out or brochure (you can do front and back if you’d like.)
The handout (a one page handout or a brochure) should employ all the features that can reasonably be employed in order to make the handout compelling and interesting. Make sure that creativity is not overdone to the point of limiting a quality product. This handout can be paper or electronic (something that could uploaded into the patient’s portal). Be sure and credit any photo sources.
Remember, this handout is just an simple example, but provides structure and expectations. This is your project! Have fun with it and be creative. Please include three sources for patient education/support groups. You can refer back to part one, as this should be a continuation of the first part of the Key Element and should match the topic you chose there – and you may narrow it done more if you want for example : if you chose heart disease, you can narrow that down to one type of heart disease or for mental health, you could narrow it down to OCD, however… if you did not appropriately evaluate your sources and/or did not actually access them to determine quality, do not include them on the handout. Please read feedback from part 1 to determine which direction you need to go. If you just said Facebook or Instagram, but did not find an actual site, you must have a direct site linked to your Center for Excellence topic. If you found a social media page but did not gain access to it or actually assess it, then do not use it for this project. You would not refer your patient somewhere that you had not assessed or determined to be helpful or supportive to them. It would be good to use the example and include the support group, webpage, and then a government site. Again – if you just stated CDC or Mayo Clinic on your part 1 paper and did not find a specific page within those sites that relates to your topic, you must find one. A link to the general CDC page is not helpful to a patient.
404 handout.docx
Part 1 and Part 2 of the Health Resources assignments are the Key Elements for NUR 404. It is important to save the Key Element projects from each course as each student will need the information to complete his/her Professional Portfolio in NUR 482-Synthesis which is the capstone project for the RN to BSN program. Students will need a thumb drive or memory key for saving the portfolio project as well.
Grading Rubric
Your assignment will be graded according to the Grading Rubric below.

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