-Innstructions: Read Chapter 4 and answer the following questions. You will nee

Read Chapter 4 and answer the following questions. You will need to compose your work in a separate word processing program like Microsoft Word and submit it as an attachment. You should use your textbook as your primary source of information. Do your best to show what you have learned by summarizing the material in your own words, rather than copying passages out of the book.
-Properly use and “CITE” Key terms from Textbook that is provided in attached file!
Chapter 4 Questions:
1. Which carbohydrates are simple carbohydrates? Which are the complex carbohydrates?
2. Describe the structure of a monosaccharide and name the three monosaccharides important in nutrition. Name the three disaccharides commonly found in foods and their component monosaccharides (ie- which two monosaccharides combine to make each of the three disaccharides.) In what foods are these sugars found?
3. Describe the structure of polysaccharides and name the ones important in nutrition. How are starch and glycogen similar and how do they differ? How do the fibers differ from the other polysaccharides?
4. Describe carbohydrate digestion and absorption, beginning in the mouth. What role does fiber play in the process?
5. How does eating adequate carbohydrate help protein be used efficiently in the body?
6. What are the health risks of excess sugars? What are the dietary recommendations regarding concentrated sugar intakes?
7. What are the health benefits of starches and fibers? What is the recommendation for daily grams of fiber and percent of total calories from carbohydrate?
8. What foods provide starches and fibers?

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