I am flexiable with the topic but want to make a report related new product intr

I am flexiable with the topic but want to make a report related new product intruction in the market.
Topic : How to commercialize Satellite/Aerial Data(Productise)
Keywords: [ Product Diversification, Strategic Planning, Market Analysis, Productization,Digital Platform, Cost Optimization]
The spatial digital data market is evolving and has huge potential to grow in future due to massive ongoing spatial data generation. The demand is shifting toward geospatial intelligence data from normal data to make informed decisions. The Satellite/Aerial data is a primary layer for any spatial data generation(maps) and offers a platform for further data generation.
The firm changes business structure to offer new products in the market to meet evolving needs of customers’ demand. (Sklyar, Kowalkowski, Tronvoll, & Sörhammar, 2019). The digital data offering in the market is recognized as multifaceted and an incremental emergent process (Kowalkowski, Kindström, Brashear Alejandro, Brege, & Biggemann, 2012). The firm changes to operate to meet the fast-paced requirement and that can be potentially disruptive(Nagy, Schuessler, & Dubinsky, 2016; Simmons, Palmer, & Truong, 2013).
The digital data offering in the market and its offering remains under-investigated (Paschou, Adrodegari, Perona, & Saccani, 2018, p. 158). The product offering of pixel digital data and serving is still an unexplored business model.
Aims and objectives
Investigate the market shifts of a Satellite/Aerial Data serving and potential products offering to meet unmet articulated demand of the global market(Enterprise sales).
Review the current approach
Understand unmet and aspirational demand in for digital pixel data
Gap Analysis and unmet demand future demand
Refine the product offering and development business model around it.
Methodological approach
Develop framework of this project
Data collection of leading firms
Quality assurance of the collected digital data
Data analysis
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