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NURS 3031 SB – Individual assignment
Due: June 13th, 2022
This assignment is worth 30% of your final mark.
For this assignment you will be assigned one of the conditions listed below:-
(your professor will assign a topic to each student)
Diabetes in pregnancy
Hypertension in pregnancy
Induction of labour (IOL)
Perinatal depression (both during the pregnancy and in the postpartum)
Jaundice in the newborn infant
For your paper you will include the following as it pertains to your topic:-
Define the condition and why it is a concern during pregnancy
Describe the pathophysiology of the difference between a non-pregnant and a pregnant individual
If assigned IOL, describe what it means and why it might be indicated. Include a brief description of the different methods and rationale for the use of each.
Risk factors associated with the condition or issue.
Risks to the mother/ pregnant person
Risks to the fetus/ infant
Non-pharmacological management (or, for IOL – non-pharmacological strategies)
Pharmacological management (or, for IOL – non-pharmacological strategies)
Evaluation of management and/or strategies.
Your paper must include a minimum of 4, maximum of 8, scholarly references.
Your paper is to be minimum of 3, maximum of 4, pages in length.
National +/- international guidelines and recommendations (grey literature) pertaining to maternal and child health and the topic chosen [e.g. CNO, RNAO, or SOGC guidelines, WHO guidelines, Canadian Paediatric Society guidelines etc.] can be included.
Please focus primarily on Canadian guidelines. However, international guidelines can be used as supporting or comparative information.
Rationale for this assignment: It is important for Registered Nurses to engage in Informed Choice discussions with clients as foundational to providing care from an Evidence Based perspective. The objective of this activity for the BScN student is to facilitate the development of critical reflection and professional curiosity as client advocates.

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