For Part 2 of Paper You are 2 pick being any of the following actors- Mayor of a

For Part 2 of Paper You are 2 pick being any of the following actors- Mayor of a city, Govenor of a State, The Police Commisioner, The Chief of Counter Terrorism of NYPD or other dept, or FBI
There will be a power point posted this weekend, read it, the resources that you have available are in there (For FBI in reality you may have more resources but for paper assume the resources in powerpoint are what you have)
The required elements/content for the second part of the paper will include:
1. Identification of a target(s) your terrorist group will strike in either NYC or
other targeted location(s) in the U.S.
2. How your selected terrorist group will strike the target(s) and the tactics they
will use.
a. Do they have an escape plan or are the terrorist going to die as martyrs?
3. The police response and actions taken to the initial attack as it occurs (e.g. the
way the Mumbai responded, but hopefully a little sooner and with better
equipment, resources and personnel etc.,
4. Finally, your fully implemented response which usually occurs in the first few
hours after the initial response to the attack from the terrorist. What addition
units or resources are requesting (e.g., Emergency Services, aka SWAT,
harbor, K-9, Critical Response Command, Counter Terrorism Units, Joint FBI
Task force, Highway Patrol, Detective Bureau, Crime Scene etc.)
Explain your follow-up plan after the attack and no one is in need of life
saving assistance. This should include the setting up of a long-term crime
 Review the Powerpoint “Responding to a Major incident which will
show you the options you have available.
o In addition, if you want create a hypothetical Contingency
Plan (Based on my many years of policing nothing ever goes
perfect) that should include escape routes that the slightly
injured or non-injured innocent civilians will attempt to take
following the attack. (For example, after the 911 attack in
NYC thousands of people fled NYC by going over the
Brooklyn bridge. However, there was no police or medical
present at the bridge to help them at the begin
The length of the overall paper (parts 1&2) should be between 12 to 16 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font. (This means each part of the paper, one and two should be six to eight pages).
Each element of the second part of the paper will be graded in the following manner:
– 25%
– 25%
– 25%
– 25%
PAPER # 2 is based on a hypothetical attack perpetrated by the group you have chosen to write about in PAPER # 1.
Paper 1 is attached for context
Powerpoint is attached
I want the paper to be based from the FBI point of view
Ideally the strike to happen in NYC
Use sources only from the power point

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