As a professional working with addicts, it is important to be knowledgeable and

As a professional working with
addicts, it is important to be knowledgeable and comfortable with a
variety of treatment models; being so will be useful as you work with
addicts who require and necessitate different styles of treatment
Last week, you examined two types of
models for addiction treatment: psychoanalytic and Gestalt. These two
types of models are not considered evidence-based treatments due to
their lack of focus on predefined behavioral outcomes.
week, you focused on evidence-based treatment models. These models have
been thoroughly studied and scientifically evaluated for evidence of
being related to positive behavior outcomes. For this Assignment,
consider the types of interventions that may be used in an
evidence-based treatment model.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review the section “Evidence-Based Approaches to Drug Addiction
Treatment” (pp. 37–56) in Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment: A
Research-Based Guide.
Consider the PowerPoint presentation document.
Note: As you research and examine psychoanalytic,
Gestalt, and evidence-based treatment models, you may notice
discrepancies in terminology. For the sake of this course, please
recognize the words models, approaches, and methods as synonymous
The Assignment:
Prepare a PowerPoint or other visual presentation titled “Evidence-Based Treatment Models” that includes the following:
A title slide
3 slides that identify and describe three evidence-based treatment models you examined this week. For each evidence-based treatment model, include a description of two effective strategies specific to that treatment model.
A slide that provides an analysis of the three evidence-based
treatment models you examined. Identify any common elements between and
among them. If you think there are none, explain why not.
A final slide that provides bibliographic references

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