You have been chosen to direct a stage production of the play script “Trifles” a

You have been chosen to direct a stage production of the play script
“Trifles” at a location of your choice. As the Director, you will write a formal proposal to an
imaginary producer describing your Directorial Concept and unified design ideas for your
production. (You must use the play “Trifles” and no other play for your proposal.)
1. Directorial Concept
1. Specify and describe your unique Directorial Concept for your production. Note: A
Directorial Concept includes the period (time and setting) chosen for your production
AND a controlling idea, vision or central image for your production:
From textbook: A directorial concept “derives from a controlling idea,
vision, or point of view that the director feels is appropriate for the play.
The concept should also create a unified theatrical experience for the
audience…a way to implement a directorial concept is to find a central, or
controlling, image or metaphor.”
2. Director Type
2. What kind of director are you going to be? And Why? (Textbook discusses 3 kinds
of approaches: Traditional, Auteur and Post-Modern)
3.Spine analysis
3. Describe what you believe is the Spine of the play from your analysis of play and
your research on playwright and world of play.
4.Theatre Space
4. Choose a real Theatre Space to produce your production. You should investigate
and choose an actual, existing space or place: a real theatre than can be rented, or else
a found space that exists, such as a park, warehouse, etc. and say why you chose this
space for this production.
5.Design vision and elements
5. Describe basic Design elements that will create a unified theatrical experience for
your audience – An overall design vision and a few important elements for each
area: Costumes, Lighting, Scenic, Sound. (Elements include things like colors,
materials, equipment, shadows, lines, etc)
Proposal Format Rules:
A. Use correct Theatre Terminology throughout proposal. See chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
which outline the major Director and Designer’s visions and the correct vocabulary to use.
B. Should be 2-3 pages typed or 5- 10 powerpoint slides with text and visuals
C. Proposal may be written as a letter to the theatre producers, or a proposal outline
format, or a slideshow Powerpoint Presentation. (Clarity of your ideas is MOST
important- so whichever works best for you)
D. Visuals: Pictures, clip-art or diagrams ARE allowed and recommended

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