You can make up a traditions and family members. Paper Choice 1: 1. Family Tra

You can make up a traditions and family members.
Paper Choice 1:
1. Family Traditions Paper:
1. Interview your family members about family traditions they practiced when a child that they do NOT practice today and you have never practiced, witnessed, or been a part of. This can be a tradition on a holiday, birthday, milestone like graduation, wedding, birth of a child, etc. It could be a cultural tradition, religious tradition, or any other. Remember: it has to be something your family stopped practicing before you were born.
2. Write the name of the person and her/his relationship to you and the approximate era they practiced the tradition (1970s, 1980s, etc)
3. Write as detailed as possible about all aspects of the tradition.
Now for the paper:
You will write a three or more page, double spaced paper.
You will write formally without contractions, slang, or idioms. You may use personal references like ‘I’ or ‘me’
You will use a font of 12-14, plain (no cursive or odd styles) and black ink
In your first paragraph you will introduce your family. Your thesis will be that your paper will explore old family traditions you no longer keep.
Your next paragraphs will discuss different traditions, as outlined in 1-3
Your conclusion paragraph will explain if you will try to renew any of the traditions. Why or why not?
You may include photos or pictures if you wish.
Keep formal. Do not use Grandma use Grandmother. Do use new Papa, use Grandfather. Also, keep in English. Do not use Tia for Aunt, Oncle for Uncle, or Tetka for Great Aunt. Use the English forms, even if they are not what you actually call your relative.

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