Write an APA research paper about Decision-Making. The essay should be between 5

Write an APA research paper about Decision-Making. The essay should be between 500-800 words. Research for scholarly/peer-reviewed materials from our Regent Library for decision making and problem-solving techniques for your content. You want to find out about Decision-making method(s) and write about it(them) in your paper. The content should involve at least one aspect of a Learning Objective or Learning Outcomes, as mentioned in our previous Weekly Overviews.
For example, the essay could explain one good technique in detail or give the highlights of a few methods for decision making. You decide! Prepare a writing piece that explains how you would employ one or more of the decision-making/problem-solving tools regarding a problem. It could apply to management, leadership, organizational, or even personal decisions.
Remember to include Biblical integration in the paper. Follow APA guidelines for writing and referencing (e.g, a cover page, references page, proper headings within the paper, etc.). Our books are great resources too but would not count as research. Include at least two or more scholarly/peer-reviewed references in your paper. The Essay & Research paper rubric determines the grade for this paper.
Optional search suggestions include “Decision Making”, “Decision Making Tools”, “Decision Aids”, “Decision Techniques”, “Decision-Making Methods”, “Decision-Making Models”, “Financial Decisions”, “Improving Decision Making”, “Making Choices”, Group Decision Making” or “Framing”.

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