Use the following article to prompt your memo: ( I added screenshots of article)

Use the following article to prompt your memo: ( I added screenshots of article)
-I’m going to add an example of a past discussion of the format needed for this discussion.
-I added chapter 6 and 7 as well so you can use the material to write.
Guidance: A common question I get about struggling businesses (like food delivery) is, “just have the company raise prices”. Use the concepts of a demand curve and price elasticity to discuss the difficulty of setting prices in this industry (important note: this business model – like many – should be analyzed as a sequential set of linked markets restaurant-driver-consumer, rather than as a single transaction). What determines where prices can be set (and profits made) at each stage of those market transaction? Then discuss the issue of costs in determining the profitability (or lack thereof) of these companies. Apply the concepts of economies of scale and scope SPECIFICALLY to the companies in this article. When would these concepts impact decision making or profitability, when should they be considered, and what managment decisions could change these parameters for the company. The article also gives a lot of detail about the cost structure of food delivery. Use the cost concepts from chapter 7 to discuss the particular challenges facing food delivery in choosing who and who not to deliver to (is this an investment or extent decision, justify your answer).
a) Post an initial one page (>=300 words) response to my article one word business memorandum to a hypothetical supervisor who has requested an economic analysis of this business situation. In that memo you will:
(i) identify the appropriate economic concept from that week’s material (this should be an idea in bold print).
(ii) gather any additional evidence, sources or data necessary to make a business prediction or answer the relevant question posted in the assignment.
(iii) Use that concept concept to analyze/critique the business decision discussed in the news article.
These initial posts will be due by Thursday of each week. Once you have made an initial post, posts from your peers should become visible.
b) By 11:59PM Saturday choose (1) memo from your peers, and pretend that your are their supervisor. Respond (>=200 words) to their each week. Your response to other’s initial posts should include the following:
(i) Evaluate their choice of concept from that week’s material. Did they choose an appropriate concept and is it applied correctly to the topic from the article? Explain why or what alternatives could have been used.
(ii) Discuss how your own analysis/decision making would differ from theirs. Did you use different assumptions, information, or concepts than they chose?
(iii) Offer a personal anecdote/observation from your own work/life or work that supports/opposes the post. I will also participate, commenting on your initial posts and responses as we proceed throughout the course.
I will grade each of your initial posts and responses with the following rubric: 3 Excellent/Exceeds Expectations; 2 good/meets expectations; 1 needs improvement/below expectations; 0 unacceptable or incomplete. Again, due to the accelerated nature of the course, all due dates are final and no late assignments will be accepted. Decorum will be strictly enforced.

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