Title of article: Pacific Rim Distributors brings tasty Canadian craft beer to A

Title of article: Pacific Rim Distributors brings tasty Canadian craft beer to Asian markets
Product/Service: Alchohol
Country: Philippine
Worth 20% of final grade
Due Week 6 (Saturday)
Please sign up by Week 4 class
Your group (a consulting company) of 3 is invited by a Canadian company to present “Doing Business in ______” (3 different countries). Each member will prepare a PowerPoint presentation on “Doing Business in ______”. Then the group will make a presentation for the company about doing business in these 3 countries.
The country you choose is often the country that you know the most (that you have spent time there, you know the language and culture, and business practices.)
Each student is required to upload to the Dropbox:
1. One PowerPoint file (individual)
2. Put the OneDrive link of Zoom recording of group presentation in the “Comments” box.
Assignments are not accepted via email. Audio recording is not accepted.
1. Create a PowerPoint presentation (10%)
Your group will select a company from the TCS success stories list (Sign up for Group Project on Discussions, no duplication please), and choose 3 new markets (countries) for the company. 2% are for signing up by Week 4 class and class contribution Weeks 3, 4, 5.
Trade Commissioner Service success stories: https://www.international.gc.ca/world-monde/stories-histoires/index.aspx?lang=eng&category_categorie=CPTPP
Your group will assist this company to export its product/service to the new markets.
Each student prepares a PowerPoint presentation on “Doing Business in ___” for the company before they travel to ___. Please see the Sample and create 10 – 15 slides/member. Please note: The sample I provided does not have a focus on any company; your presentation can have a small focus on the company to help them market their product/service. Please make sure to have References (one slide) and in-text citations (throughout); at least one in-text citation for each source you put in References.
Use visuals such as photos and graphs more than words. Each photo must have source.
Business Communications
Economic Outlook
Tourism and Culture
Required sources:
The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. Spotlight on intercultural business.
Government of Canada. Information by countries and territories.
Export Development Canada. Country Info.
Embassy of ____ in Canada website.
Tradeready.ca (search “cultural”).
Feel free to use more professional sources (McKinsey Canada, Financial Post, or Bloomberg Canada).
Use at least six sources: 1) The TCS source you sign up (optional), 2) the company’s website (optional), 3) from the sources above.
Please note: Zero mark for Using Professional Sources if putting sources you did not use in References; or putting in-text citations you did not use; or not having in-text citations. Zero mark for Documenting Professional Sources if not having in-text citations; or copying some References entries (showing inconsistencies between the ones you copy and the ones you document.)
Use APA citation style:
References (1-2 slides) and in-text citations (throughout). References need to be numbered and in alphabetical order.
At least one in-text citation for each source you put in References.
In-text citations start with name of author (Hyatt, 2017) or organization (Government of Canada, 2021).
References also start with name of author or organization. For example:
The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (2021). Spotlight on intercultural business. https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/guides/spotlight-pleins_feux/intercultural-business-interculturelle-des-affaires.aspx?lang=eng
Hyatt, P. (2017). 7 cultural factors you need to consider when choosing your next export market. https://www.tradeready.ca/2017/topics/researchdevelopment/5-cultural-factors-need-consider-choosing-next-export-market/
All photos, graphs, tables, etc. must have sources at the bottom of the photos, graphs, tables, with a hyperlink, for example: Photo: Export Development Canada (2022). Do not cite in References.

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