This is an opportunity to assess your local community for sustainability, and th

This is an opportunity to assess your local community for sustainability, and
then propose a series of interventions. This also provides an opportunity to further research
and explore topics related to the course content that interest you.
The paper or presentation should answer the following inquiry:
How could your local community or neighbourhood be made more sustainable? Describe one
or more problematic issues in relation to sustainability within your community or
neighbourhood. Describe specific sustainable community intervention(s) or method(s) that
could help address these problematic issues.
You may choose the scale (e.g. building, neighbourhood, community) that you would like to
examine for this project. You can submit either a written paper or video/audio presentation
with slides – the choice is yours.
Both options should include or meet the following objectives and guidelines:
• Detailed overview of the problematic issue(s) within your context that you seek to
• Detailed overview and rationale of the intervention(s) that you propose
• Inclusion of figures that illustrate your context and intervention(s). Examples of this
could include images you have created (e.g. photos, sketches, etc…) and/or figures
created by others that illustrate the intervention or problem. Ensure all figures are
labelled and referenced. If you have created the image, indicate this below the figure.
• Engagement with relevant themes and literature from both assigned readings and
reputable outside sources. Include a minimum of 7 credible sources – more than 7 are

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