The purpose of this assignment is to answer the five questions below in an APA p

The purpose of this assignment is to answer the five questions below in an APA paper. The paper requires 500-800 words, including all of the content from the cover page to the last reference.
Support your answers with the video, our course content including Heath’s Decisive book, and at least one research reference. Research and reference at least one scholarly or peer-reviewed reference source. Theories or aids from our Decisive book will help answer the questions too. Describe what you discovered and learned! Conclude with how you, as a manager, can avoid common mistakes in business decision-making and make better decisions for more profitable results. The Essay & Research Paper rubric evaluates grading for this assignment.
Watch the Regent University Library’s video, [What is the economic relevance of human indecisiveness? Video/DVD] Latest Thinking. The site link is:
Explain some common mistakes and the research findings influencing decision-making and implementing them in today’s organizations.
List some resources used for problem-solving in businesses.
Evaluate a couple of decision-making techniques or problem-solving models and how these represent actual decision processes.
Elaborate on the connection between critical thinking and decision-making and how you, as a leader, can determine more effective and profitable solutions. In other words, explain how a manager could reach decisions from data and how to begin implementing them in an organization
Explain a process or an outline of steps to use that the film, our book, or your research recommends. What would ethical and effective leaders need to apply to make sound and practical decisions and solve problems? This would be a good part of the paper for Biblical Integration.

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