The goal of this assignment is to understand a class of students using the data

The goal of this assignment is to understand a class of students using the data above.
Use the data that you created in Week 1 and 2 (Part 1) to perform
univariate analyses for quantitative variables, GPA, Pulse Rate, and BMI. (show frequency distribution tables and bar charts)
univariate analyses for qualitative variables, Sex, Study Hours, and Favorite Number. (show histograms)
a bivariate analysis for qualitative variables, Sex, and Study Hours, (show cluster bar chart)
a bivariate analysis for quantitative variables, Pulse Rate and BMI, (show scatter plot), and
a bivariate analysis between one quantitative variable, BMI, and one qualitative variable, Sex, to see if there is a significant difference in BMI between male and
female students. (Show side-by-side boxplot)
For univariate analysis, please show frequency distribution tables (use APA style) and
bar charts for categorical variables and make histograms for the quantitative variables. Each chart should take no more than half a page.
Right below each chart in your paper, you need to write at least one line of your own comment to describe the variable(s) that you observed from that chart. In the end, you
need to write a general summary statement about this class of students based on the statistics that you presented in the paper. All graphs and tables in your paper should be
properly labeled (see next page).
You can add your charts to one long Word Document or separate documents, please cross-check to make sure you have not missed any of the above guidelines. Label each document or page with the corresponding numbers of the above assignments 1-5

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