Task: Assess the current situation of the new firm that you have been assigned (

Task: Assess the current situation of the new firm that you have been assigned (See company assignments below). Your team is required to evaluate the current situation of the firm based on information you can find from public sources (e.g., company websites, social media pages, news sources, and industry reports). Then, your team should offer strategic recommendations on how the company can grow from their current position. Refer to Figure 14.1 before for strategic options.
In the written assignment, you must consider the following questions: but are not limited to these questions:
· You must demonstrate understanding of the firm’s current situation
· You must make a persuasive case for the strategic option recommended. That is, recommendations must be clear and well supported with theoretical and practical evidence.
· You are required to demonstrate creative/innovative insights in your strategic proposals. That is, strategies that demonstrate real competitive advantages are favored over strategies that might lead to “strategic lookalikes” with competitors.
· You must also consider alternatives to your recommendations in your rebuttal.
The recommended page limit for this assignment is two pages, single-spaced (excluding references and appendices). Please see attached outline that will help organize your strategy brief report.
Company Assignments:
Hairbrella https://www.hairbrella.com/
Figure 14.1: Strategic Options for Firm Growth
Suggested outline for Report
1. The Company’s Current Situation
2. Strategic Recommendation for Growth
a. Benefits and Innovation
b. Costs and Risks
3. Caveats and Rebuttal of Alternative Growth Strategies
4. References
5. Appendices

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