Read in Norton: Antigone 1005-1025 Part 1: Main Post : In a minimum of 200 words

Read in Norton: Antigone 1005-1025
Part 1: Main Post : In a minimum of 200 words, answer one of the questions below. Your answer should include at least two direct references/ quotes from the text. Be sure to include an MLA Works Cited entry and parenthetical citation for quotes
1. This is an opinion question, but you still need to use examples from the play to illustrate. You are welcome to discuss your own experiences/ examples from our cultural moment as well. Are the issues at stake in Antigone still relevant today? Does the play depict a type of person or conflict still common in the 21st century or does it suggest a theme that still applies today?
2. In her book The Fragility of Goodness, scholar Martha Nussbaum “suggest[s] that Antigone, like Creon, has engaged in ruthless simplification of the world of value which effectively eliminates conflicting obligations. Like Creon, she can be blamed for refusal of vision. But there are important differences, as well, between her project and Creon’s” (qtd. in Mays 2045). Using Nussbaum’s claim as a starting point, discuss the two characters. Do you think Antigone and Creon are basically alike in their emphasis on duty? Or are there some differences between the two characters that complicate our understanding of what the play may suggest about duty?
Please write 200 for each question

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