MATH504 Article Analysis Paper This assignment requires that you locate a peer-r

MATH504 Article Analysis Paper
This assignment requires that you locate a peer-reviewed survey or research project and evaluate the design of the study/project, the data collection, the analysis of the data, the presentation of the data, and the conclusions drawn. The point of this assignment is for you to have an opportunity to show me what you learned this term, and that you can apply this learning to an article in an area of interest to you. You are NOT allowed to re-use any article already presented as part of the course. Additionally, the article must be written by the researchers (so don’t use an article from a newspaper or a magazine, for example).
Formatting and Preparation
• Label each section of your paper, following the seven sections outlined below. As these papers are graded by section, your paper will not be graded if you do not do this.
• Use APA-style citations. A cover page is nice but not required. References are required.
• Your paper should be about 6-7 pages. If it is longer, please edit for conciseness. If it is much
shorter, you may need to elaborate to show your understanding.
• Please be sure to include your name on your submission and in the name of your file (for
example, articleanalysisDSmith.doc) and include access to your article for me to reference as I
sometimes need to view them.
• It may be helpful for you to review the Grading Rubric on Moodle to self-check your paper
before you submit your work.
You may state any other material or comments that you feel are interesting or important to the analysis of the article. Please do not answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to these questions, but weave your responses into the section of your report, following good writing guidelines, meaning you should read and edit your paper for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Locating a Source
• Please view the short instructional video on locating sources.
• Use the library website to begin your research:
• This assignment has a Research Guide that provides addition information about using the GSC
Discovery Service for this assignment.
• Login to the EBSCO Discovery service using the correct username and password (located on
the left column of the MATH504 Moodle page).
• Search for a peer-reviewed journal article that uses statistics. Consult the above instructional
video and Research Guide to help you use filters and narrow your search. Try to search for a
topic you’re interested in!
• For additional help, please contact GSC Library Services at, or call
(603)822-LIBR (5427)
I. Introduction & Article Set up (10 points)
Give a short summary of your article, including where you found the study to evaluate, the author(s) and title of the study, and why this study interested you. You may want to quote parts of the abstract, giving credit (i.e. using citations).
Show me that you understand how the article is structured. How was the article set up? Was it easy to follow? How did this help you follow the article? What made it difficult to follow?
II. Sample Selection/Randomization (10 points)
Show me that you understand how the sample was selected for the study.
• Did the author(s) describe how the sample was selected? Did they use randomization? That is, did they perform random selection in a sampling study or random assignment in the experiment?
• Did the author(s) indicate how many subjects were in the sample studied? Were there at least 30?
• If the author used a small sample size, was there a legitimate reason?
• Were there issues with the sample selection? If so, how would you have fixed it?
III. Methods (10 points)
Show me that you understand how the study was conducted and why it was conducted this way.
• Is this an experiment or an observational study? How do you know? Was this the appropriate choice?
• Describe the methods used in the study.
• Explain why you think that the study was conducted well. Or, elaborate on any concerns you
have about the study. What recommendations would you make to the study authors and why? Please keep in mind that the authors did not have the results before they designed the study.
IV. Variables and Hypotheses (10 points)
Show me that you understand the relationship between what the author(s) were trying to show and the variables used.
• Did the author(s) indicate what the explanatory and response variables are? You may need to use close reading strategies to find these as they may not be explicitly labeled for you.
• Did the author(s) indicate what type each variable is qualitative or quantitative? Typically, the author will not have done this. I expect that you will do the identifying and explain how you know.
• What are the authors attempting to show (prove) in this study? Did the author(s) give a hypothesis for the relationship between the explanatory and response variables? Please identify the null and alternative hypotheses in your report, even if it is not explicitly stated in your article. Please tell me in words, and also in the notation that we used in class.
V. Graphics (10 point)
Show me that you understand the power and importance of graphics (including tables) as they relate to your study.
• Did the author(s) include any graphical displays? Describe them. Tell me how these helped you to understand the study.
MATH504 Article Analysis Paper Guidelines last updated: 07/06/2020
• Did the author(s) correctly describe the graphical display?
• Did the author(s) note any important features such as outliers or patterns?
• What graphics should have been included but were not?
VI. Statistical Analysis (20 points)
Show me that you understand the statistics used in the article. If the analysis was not something that we covered in class, you should be doing some research so that you can discuss what was done and what it shows. Be sure to cite your sources for this outside research.
There are many kinds of statistical analysis, so this list of questions is likely incomplete. Please address all that are relevant to your study, and then elaborate as needed so that your article is fully addressed.
• Did the author(s) look at the distribution of the response variable independent of the explanatory variable?
• Did the author(s) describe the distribution and note any important features, such as left or right skew?
• Did the author(s) give the mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation?
• Did the author(s) explain what they indicated about the data?
• Did the author(s) include the values of test statistics and what they mean? Examples include P-
values, z-scores, t-values, degrees of freedom (df), confidence intervals, correlation coefficient,
• Did the author(s) correctly interpret the test statistics within the context of their hypothesis?
VII. Conclusion (10 points)
Show me that you understand the author’s conclusion and demonstrate your own understanding (relate back to why you chose this article).
• Did the research show what the author(s) hoped to see? Why or why not? How do you know?
• Did the author(s) have the correct conclusion about their hypothesis given their data analysis?
• Was the study well-formed or did it have issues such as confounding (lurking) variables? If so,
did the author acknowledge the problems and state what further research is needed?
• Please comment on what surprised you or further interested you as you analyzed this
study/research project.
PLEASE NOTE: The remaining 20 points cover your writing, grammar, punctuation, and citations.
PLEASE be sure to CAREFULLY EDIT, or expect grade red yupuctions!
MATH504 Article Analysis Paper Guidelines

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