Instructions for Module 8 Instructions for Module 8 As we begin our journey in t

Instructions for Module 8
Instructions for Module 8
As we begin our journey in true Directorship, one thing we have to remember to do is to motivate our staff and to resolve conflict within our staff. Employees can become sedate and slow and uninspired if we, as the directors, neglect to motivate and encourage them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So this week, as you explore employee empowerment, we need to reflect on how and in what way we will motivate.
For this Module, please complete the following:
1) A Staff Motivation Plan! The instructions and the template are attached
2) The Drop Box for you to upload your Motivation Plan; this plan will become a part of your Staff Handbook
3) View the Power Point Presentation – Motivation
4) I offer two website’s on research and studies related to Motivation; I also offer 9 other articles for your research on Motivation – you will find great ideas contained therein. These are terrific articles for any Director/ owner to read and remember.
In addition to motivation, we also need to focus on conflict resolution – staff conflict with staff and staff conflict with management. Two heady topics, yes?
5) I offer two a terrific Power Point regarding Conflict Resolution, please view this as you will use this in your assignment.
6) Please prepare a one page ( 12 font, double spaced) document which discusses what YOU specifically will do to promote Conflict Resolution in your center. This will become a document contained in your Staff Handbook. You should consider a step (up or down) method to resolving conflict and there should be two sections – one for staff and staff conflict and then one for staff (person) and management conflict. They are different and need different responses. I am looking for thoroughness, fairness and reasonable expectations for this document. Write is with professionalism in mind, please.

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