In the final exam, you will be asked to synthesize support from our two final ex

In the final exam, you will be asked to synthesize support from our two final exam readings in response to your choice of three possible essay questions. The question is usually very general and typically asks your feelings or thoughts on a subject or idea that is common to both final exam readings.
Students must:
Develop an introduction to lead the reader into a discussion of their subject.
Create a clear, well-developed thesis that responds to the question (indicating the essay is a plus, but not necessary)
Demonstrate an ability to create paragraphs that contain a topic sentence that supports their thesis and indicates the paragraph’s topic, explains and supports their topic with facts, examples, or anecdotes AND textual support from the final draft readings, and contains a concluding sentence.
Refer to each reading at least once in the essay and quote/paraphrase from each reading at least once. Failure to use both readings results in failure. Using only one reading can result in the highest mark of D.
Conclude in a way that leads their reader out of the discussion of their subject, restates the thesis, synthesizes rather than summarizes, and answers the “So What Question” in regards to the relevance of their discussion and perspective, ideally “calling the reader to action”.
The final exam essay must be approximately five hundred words and at least five paragraphs long.
You will be given access to the exam via a new tab added to our Blackboard classroom on — May 21st
and will have until May 23rd to complete the exam. DO NOT MISS IT!

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