In the article “Huey Long vs. the Media” professor Long compares Huey Long’s own

In the article “Huey Long vs. the Media” professor Long compares Huey Long’s own tactics in dealing with the media to those that were employed by the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. In your reflection respond to the following questions:
1. Give two concrete examples from the article of how Huey Long tried to use legislation to control what newspapers wrote about him
2. What are the reasons that the United State Supreme Court decided to overturn Louisiana state legislation – championed by Senator Huey Long – that taxed newspapers 2% of the proceeds paid to them by advertisers. Give at least thee reasons:
3. As you close, express your opinion about a historian (in this case your professor) writing an article that uses a historical case (in this case Huey Long’s battles with the media) as a comparative case to comment on a more recent historical event (in this case recent President Donald Trumps’s battles with the media). There is no right or wrong answer, but there are more and less nuanced answers. Just saying you hate it, like it, or think doing that kind of analysis is right or wrong makes a start, but doesn’t provide a well thought out response. Think about the question, the uses of history, and make a logical case for your position.

Huey Long vs. The Media

This article is the only source needed.

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