In a well-developed, well-supported, well-organized essay, write on ONE of the t

In a well-developed, well-supported, well-organized essay, write on ONE of the topics below concerning one of the stories listed. You do not need to write about each of the points made below; these are just suggestions of aspects you may want to include. Make sure your essay has a clear introduction and conclusion. Please double-space all lines. Because I will evaluate the grammar and mechanics as well as the contents of your essay, you should proofread carefully. STICK TO THE TOPIC YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ABOUT – DON’T RETELL THE STORY!!!
You must have at least two sources cited in your paper. One of these must be the primary source (the story itself); therefore, at least one outside source must also be used to support your claims about the work. These sources must be academic sources, which means websites such as gradesaver, enotes, sparknotes, bartleby, or anything similar do not qualify (you may use Wikipedia, however). I encourage you to use the JSU Library website to search for sources. If you need help, you may consult me or a JSU librarian. All papers will be checked for plagiarism.
Make sure you have a good THESIS STATEMENT that adequately states the main idea of your essay. Include at least ONE quotation relative to the point you are trying to make and cite it by author’s name and page number if applicable (ex: Walker 24), Most online sources will not have page numbers unless it is in .pdf. Please include a Works Cited entry at the end, indicating where you got your sources; make sure your entry is in MLA format.
Write about the characterization in the story. Explain which characters are dynamic and which are static. Who is the protagonist of the story and why? Is there an antagonist? Who is it and why? Are the characters you discuss flat or round? Is one a foil, used to contrast the qualities of another? Support your choices; use carefully selected details from the story to show exactly how the character does or does not develop.

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