For this paper, you will find one article, a book review, of Caste: The Origins

For this paper, you will find one article, a book review, of Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson using online sources. This review should make at least one specific claim about the book. Construct an argument about the overall effectiveness of the reviewer’s argument is by looking carefully at the review’s claims and support. You are not writing an assessment of the book. You are not using the article to support a general point about the book or any of the subjects addressed in the book. (Heck, at this point, you may not have even started reading it yet. Of course, now is a good time to get started.) To be successful, you will need to apply what you learn about the elements of argument as discussed in chapters two and three of The Active Argument and in your video lessons. Requirements: Include a claim (statement of position). Place the claim in your introductory paragraph. HINT: Your thesis should be a claim you make about the overall effectiveness of the writer’s argument. HINT: You may (and probably should) refer to terms about argument you find in chapters two and three The Active Argument in the body/support section of your essay.
Research: A single, detailed review of the book (at least 250 words). This is not negotiable. The article must be a developed and detailed review of the book. I will NOT accept reviews or information from Goodreads or Amazon or Wikipedia or Shmoop or SparkNotes or anything like them. DON’T EVEN TRY. If the best source you can find is a personal blog or something off of Amazon or Goodreads, then you are not doing research correctly, and should probably consult with a librarian. Documentation: You must make a real attempt to quote and paraphrase the source properly. You might also quote from Caste. You must include a Works Cited page (see Chapter Eight). I will not count off for an incorrect Works Cited page, since you are practicing in a sense. I WILL count off for an omitted one. You should have two source entries on the Works Cited: the review and the book.
Formatting: Titles of books are italicized. For example: Caste. Titles of stories and articles are placed in quote marks. For example: “Snow Globe” or “Prepare to Be Taken to New, Uncharted Places in Your Mind.” Do not refer to any writer by first name. Purpose: to analyze the effectiveness of the argument in a book review. (You are making an argument about the argument.) Audience: general. Length requirement: enough to adequately make your case. Point of view: Use third person. Use first person (“I,” “me,” or “my”) sparingly. Do not use second person “you.”

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