For this assignment, you will select a culture (i.e. cultural component, nation/

For this assignment, you will select a culture (i.e. cultural component, nation/country, collection of people) you are unfamiliar with and interested in learning more about. This assignment is meant to challenge your resistance or biases to a particularly culture so it may be helpful to think about your personal resistances before selecting a topic for this assignment. Next, you will find one scholarly article (use academic resources such as: psych articles/info or Google scholar) and one popular article (social media, CNN, Huffington post, jezebel, everyday feminism, etc.) that align with the culture you selected for this assignment. After reading both articles you will create a discussion board thread that discusses what you read, and answers the following questions:
What was being studied in the scholarly article and why was this of importance? (be specific)
Was the author(s) of the popular article a member of the cultural group you selected? How do you know/not know?
Why did you select this cultural group?
Were the articles similar in any way? How were they different?
What are two things you learned by exploring the cultural group in this way?
How is psychology impacting this cultural group specifically?
How does your overall understanding of culture and this cultural group shift or stay the same based on the readings you selected?
What questions remain for you about the cultural group you selected?
Any additional reactions
Please be sure to include a citation for BOTH the scholarly article and the popular article in your post. Remember that all work should be submitted in APA format.

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