Explore the moral ambiguity in any Hawthorne character or work. What does readin

Explore the moral ambiguity in any Hawthorne character or work. What does reading “The Minister’s Black Veil” or “Young Goodman Brown” do to the reader’s ability to discern “good” and “evil” characters? Utilize at least three quotes from the texts. Also, include quotes from two secondary sources.
Explore one of the following topics written below by writing a 1,200-1,500 word essay formatted according to MLA style, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman font. This essay should include quotes, paraphrases, and summaries taken from the primary texts we have read in class and any other relevant primary or secondary works. You may use your notes and any material referenced in class. Be sure to properly cite any sources that you do include in your essay from the primary works in MLA citation format including a Works Cited page.
The grade of your project will be determined based on how well you respond to the topic and provide support for your argument. Your topic should be well supported by a good understanding of the texts discussed and effective references/quotes from those texts. You should also proofread your essay and adhere to college-level English standards and conventions. These standards and conventions should include, but are not limited to: an interesting vocabulary, powerful style, and appropriate voice and tone.
As always, one key aim of essays in a literature class is to keep your focus on analysis and avoid plot summary. Your papers should not be simply retelling the story, poem, novel, play, etc. to your reading audience. You should assume that your audience has already read the work. Keep your paper focused on analyzing the works. Make arguments for your particular analysis and then support them in the individual paragraphs. Any plot points should merely be made in supporting your arguments of analysis.
Choose one (1) topic from below. Make sure your thesis clearly reflects the topic approach you have chosen. If you have a topic idea that does not quite fit any of the below options, please check with me to see if it can be used for this assignment.

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