Exegetical Paper For this paper (1700-2000 words) choose a passage within the bo

Exegetical Paper
For this paper (1700-2000 words) choose a passage within the book of Exodus. This paper will help you gain important exegetical skills which will prove invaluable whenever you teach from the Bible.
Guidelines for an exegetical paper:
i) Start by explaining what the passage is and why it is significant.
ii) Analyze the structure of the passage. How does it fit together? How does it flow?
iii) Explain how the text fits into the larger context of the sections before and after as well as the entire book.
iv) Focus on the text.
v) Draw out what you think the main point of the passage is. Allude to this point in the title of your paper (do not call it, “Exegetical Paper on X passage”).
vi) Tell the reader where you are going.
vii) Utilize 4-5 commentaries or other references in a critical manner (study Bibles do not count). Include your opinion and evaluate the views of scholars, showing why you agree or disagree. Move beyond mere summary and description to evaluation and critique. Give reasons and support your arguments.
viii) Use at least 2 commentaries that focus exclusively upon the book you have chosen (i.e., that are not 1-volume OT or entire Bible commentaries) and were written in the last 30-40 years (i.e., not Calvin, Clarke or Henry).
ix) Use at least 2 articles from DOTP. Here’s a sample bibliography entry:
x) Use at least 1 academic article that you found using library database. (Help available here)
xi) Avoid including long quotations from secondary literature. Simply summarize scholarly views briefly.
xii) Argue for your perspective on what is the main point of the passage.
xiii) Conclude with an application based on the message of the text. Make it culturally relevant and missional.
i) Include a bibliography at the end of your paper on a separate page listing all the sources that were used, alphabetized by last name of author.
ii) For references, I recommend using the author-date system. In the body of your paper, simply say, “As Murphy concludes (2002: 54), …”. Then in your bibliography give the full reference to Murphy. (Murphy was published in 2002 and the 54 is the page number in Murphy that you are referring to). Or you could say, “As a variety of scholars have argued (e.g., Murphy 2002: 54; deClaissé-Walford 2004: 98)…”.

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