Discussion Forum: Beginnings & Early Civilizations Writing Prompt & Instructions

Discussion Forum: Beginnings & Early Civilizations
Writing Prompt & Instructions
Please answer ONE of the following questions with a minimum word count of around 400 (not including quotes). Make sure to make these appropriately personal and also to reference the resources often to back up your points. Referencing the resources is a very important component of these assignments, so please make sure that you include something specific and names of resources (see my sample below).
Answer ONE of the following questions:
In the article, Paleolithic Beginnings, you read about ancient cave art and the possible rituals and shamanic practices our earliest ancestors participated in. How did these people connect to the world around them using these rituals? How is this different than how you connect and how the modern world thinks about its connection to the world?
Describe what women’s roles were in the eras you learned about and explain how those roles changed from hunter/gather days to the Arab invasion of Egypt. How does this contrast to your own life and the world today?
Choose your own adventure! Tell us 2 new or interesting things that you learned from the resources this week, why they stood out to you, and how they relate to your understanding of yourself and your world.
******I am interested in questions number 1 among the three question above.****
Here is the link to the article Paleolithic Beginnings: https://humanjourney.us/ideas-that-shaped-our-modern-world-section/paleolithic-beginnings/

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