directtions attached in attachments. both articles needed for assignment are als

directtions attached in attachments. both articles needed for assignment are also attached .
Complete the self-reflection/worksheet
Read both scholarly articles
Osteoporosis treatment gap comes at a high price
1. What insight have you gained through this reading?
2. What part of the reading was of particular interest to you?
3. What new information have you learned and how can you apply this in your practice?
4. What did this reading leave you wanting to learn more about?
5. What questions would you ask the author and why?
Management of emergencies in general practice: Role of general practitioners.
1. Describe 3 ways general practitioners (MDs or APRNs) could best prepare or obtain updated knowledge on identifying and treating emergency events in the office setting?
2. How are emergencies managed differently in an office setting at a rural clinic, verses a clinic with an emergency department close by?
3. You are tasked to put together an emergency kit for your office setting, including meds and supplies, what are the top 10 items you will include and why?
4. You just saw a patient with a closed fist bite wound with obvious signs of infection present. You advise the patient that this wound requires emergency treatment in the ED. Your patient refuses to go and asks why you can’t just write him for some antibiotics. What patient education and information would you provide to this patient?
5. What 5 essential items would you include in your telephone report to assure the transferring facility is ready to receive the patient, thus limiting or avoiding critical delays in patient care?

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