Class: Population and Environmental Health COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Community Assess

Class: Population and Environmental Health
Community Assessment Paper
The purpose of this activity is to apply the nursing process to the community. This involves assessment, problem identification, the development of a plan to address the identified problem, and evaluation. Your overall goal is to improve the health of the identified community. Each group will be provided a zip code somewhere in the United States. Through research using technology and other creative endeavors, students will perform a community assessment and apply the steps of the nursing process from a community / public health perspective. Nurses must be able to knowledgeably plan services for individuals, families, and the community. In order to effectively plan, it is essential that you are aware of the needs and resources specific to the community a client resides in to allow for the identification of health-related resources and to understand gaps in services. A community assessment is conducted, and it provides an overview of a community. For the identified need, develop a community plan that includes specific measurable goals, interventions, and evaluation. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population should be noted. Data provides background and context for working with individuals and families in their community. For data collected (statistical, informational, geographic), create a reference page using APA format (7th edition).
Zip Code Given: 01262
Stockbridge -Massachusetts.
Are the boundaries geographical, political, or economic? Do neighborhoods have names? Are there sub-communities? How are these identified?
Housing and Zoning
What is the age of the buildings? Are the residences single-family or multifamily dwellings? What is the cost range for housing in that community?
Signs of Decay / Neglect
Is the area well maintained or in disrepair? Is there garbage-strewn? Are there trashed/abandoned cars, places for rodents or other wildlife to hide, and vacant lots?
Parks and Recreational Areas
Are there play areas for children and adults? Are they safe and maintained? Is there a Community Center? Who uses it?
Common Areas
Where do people collect for social gatherings; where do they “hang out”? Are they for particular groups or are they open to all? Are there signs posted?

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