“Character analysis is a type of literary writing that asks you to select a char

“Character analysis is a type of literary writing that asks you to select a character, analyse information about the character, and draw conclusions based on evidence from the play. Most often, a character’s language, actions, thoughts, and other information about the character make up the evidence for the analysis.
For your character analysis, select either Floyd, Mooch, or Christine to analyse. Then, using both direct and indirect characterization, brainstorm about your selected person’s characteristics.
Next, review your brainstorming and decide what you want to say about this character based on what you know about the play and the themes we have discussed in this class. You should highlight or circle this information (or X out useless information).
Next, create an outline for your character analysis using the Schaffer-style paragraph. You will need to create the template yourself this time. Be sure to include quotations (evidence) from the text. You should aim for 4-5 paragraphs with approximately 9-13 sentences each.
Next, write a rough draft of your character analysis essay. We will workshop these in class so it is important that you keep up to date and complete this essay either early or on-time with respect to the expectations.”
This is a direct copy and paste from my school assignment, I will need all the steps to be done on different google documents.
Source must only be the book, I can send photos of the pages if you contact me, if that’s how this website works, I don’t really know.

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