Assume your professor is the CEO of PBA Manufacturing Company and you are the Vi

Assume your professor is the CEO of PBA Manufacturing Company and you are the Vice President of Accounting. The CEO calls you into his office and informs you he does not see the importance of monthly bank reconciliations. He is planning on informing the management team that he will discontinue the practice. He does not have time to talk with you but he asks that you put it in writing and inform him what bank reconciliations are, why are they important, what do they tell management and what do they not tell management. Provide any information that could be important to the CEO making this decision and give the CEO your recommendation.
First, research how to write a business memo. Second, write a business memo to the CEO (Dr. Emmanuel Mwaungulu) addressing the issue set forth above and demonstrating your mastery of business memos based on the research you have conducted. For guidance on how to write business memos, please review this page: (Links to an external site.) . Write your memo in a word document and upload it to Canvas. Make sure your memo has proper titles, is straightforward, brief, and should not exceed one page (Times New Roman font 11 or 12) SINGLE SPACED. A good sample memo is available in the link provided above, attempt to follow the headings, formatting, and language of the sample. Your memo will be graded using the rubric provided below.

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