Assignment Content As a leader in your selected field, it is important to be abl

Assignment Content
As a leader in your selected field, it is important to be able to organize and explain the resources available within the organization.
The data, information, knowledge, and wisdom (DIKW) model is a tool for knowledge management.
In this assignment, you will apply the DIKW model to the knowledge assets within an organization of your choice.
This is a 2-part assignment. You will create a DIKW model to explain these resources to company leaders.
Part 1: Graphic
Create a graphic to illustrate the DIKW model for your organization. The graphic should encapsulate all data, information, knowledge, and wisdom available to the organization selected. Include flow, state changes, throughput, and knowledge management.
Note: To create this graphic, you may use any commonly available software that permits the design of a single-page visual presentation (e.g., Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft® Word).
Part 2: Executive Summary
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word executive summary communicating the significance of each element of the DIKW model. The executive summary should:
Describe all data, structured and unstructured, available to the company.
Identify sources and types of information available to the company.
Assess the utility of company knowledge.
Explain overall wisdom (lessons learned) gained by the company.
Evaluate the alignment of organizational strategies and objectives and information systems strategies and objectives.
Recommend strategic changes to optimize the value of these resources for the organization. Consider flow, state changes, collaboration technologies, and knowledge management in your recommendations.
Support your assignment using 3 to 5 peer-reviewed journal articles.
Follow doctoral writing style standards.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.

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