Assessment for Feedback and Grade This is your fifth assessment for feedback and

Assessment for Feedback and Grade
This is your fifth assessment for feedback and a grade.
Photo essay or podcast
Now that you have some idea of how media coverage works, you have the chance to take on the role of an editor. Choose a protest or event in which people are calling for change and create a photo essay or podcast about it. You will then write an ‘artist’s statement’ about your piece.
Here are some possible topics for you to consider:
* Protests over the death of George Floyd
* Ontario high school students walk out for climate change
* Indigenous Day of Action
* G20 Summit
* Idle No More
* Not Another Black Life
* Occupy
* Hong Kong Umbrella protests
* Arab Spring
* Oka crisis
Part 1: Create a photo essay
1: Photo essay
Some considerations
Since you were likely not taking photos at any of these events, you will have to research online for images. As this is a school project, not for profit, you will not have to pay royalties, but be sure to credit the photos you choose using proper MLA format.
Review the MLA Citation Guide
Press on “MLA Citation Guide
(Opens in a new window)
” to review the MLA citation style that you’ve been using throughout the course.
1: Create a photo array of 6–9 images
Before you search for photographs, research the event.
* Why did the protest take place? What was the inciting incident?
* What is the background to that incident?
* Who organized the protest? Who were the protesters?
* Where and when did it take place?
* Did it remain peaceful or were there damage or casualties?
* Did any change result from the protest?
* Aim to tell a story with your photo essay. Title or write a caption for each photo.
Part 2: Artist’s statement
Once you have your photo essay or podcast completed, write an explanatory paragraph for the reader that meets the following criteria:
Tick off the box if you’ve set the criteria
Criteria Artist statement meets these criteria
why you decided on this topic
a brief description of the events you are portraying, which should include your research – reason, name of organization, date and place and other relevant information
explain at least three decisions you made in shaping your assignment
describe a challenge you encountered and how you overcame it.
The teacher will assess your work using the following rubric.
Knowledge & Understanding
Photo essay or podcast
* selects elements that represent different perspectives
* organizes elements logically (media production)
* artist’s statement contains background details on the event
Photo essay or podcast
shows care for detail and presentation
uses images or voice for maximum effect on the audience
uses images or voice with purpose and intentionality
Photo essay or podcast
* shows balanced, journalistic coverage of the event
* artist’s statement shows depth of consideration of goals and challenges
Artist’s statement
* demonstrates a strong command of the English language
* uses appropriate tone/voice for purpose and audience
* organizes ideas logically and concisely
* adheres to the conventions of grammar, sentence structure, and spelling as appropriate for the purpose
(i had 2 options between photos essay or podcast but i chose photo essay).

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