5016 – Infographic Assignment Your first task is to find and select a dataset. Y

5016 – Infographic Assignment
Your first task is to find and select a dataset. You can use any publicly available dataset, or your major research project data. You can use the polling data I posted on Blackboard, however do not simply recreate the infographic I made during lecture. Find your own results in the data and communicate those.
After you have chosen your dataset, the next step is to review and analyze your data and determine what the story is. What do you want to communicate to your reader?
Why was the data collected? Consider why the data was gathered, what prompted the research / study?
What is in the data? What questions were asked / what variables are available?
Who are the respondents / what is the source of the data?
Once you have selected your data, and have a story to tell, you now can move on to developing your infographic.
You need to create an infographic using infogram.
Your infographic must follow the design principles we covered in class. Please refer to the marking rubric for this assignment and the course lecture slides for more information on how to design the infographic.
You are required to develop a minimum of 5 visual blocks, more if you wish. It is up to you on how to distribute these blocks.
Be sure to clearly identify your datasource.
Overall goals:
Clearly communicate your story using visualizations.
Pay attention to your data ink ratio.
Avoid distracting and unnecessary ink, but make sure your reader can still easily interpret your story (ie. Don’t remove so much that your reader can no longer understand your message).
Please note: The URL you email must be from the ‘share’ menu in infogram – NOT the link you are viewing and editing the graphic on (ie. you can’t just copy and paste from the address bar in your web browser – as you are logged into your account this link won’t work for me).
When I click on ‘Share’ in infogram it takes me the screen below. I have highlighted the link that you need to copy and send to me.
See screenshot below……(you can see the attached file to know how I need it)
Infographic Marking Rubric
Clearly identify source of data within infographic
Minimum of 5 visual blocks
Data Ink Ratio is appropriately high
The dataset is interesting and relevant
Analysis is clear and easy to interpret for each graphic
Design elements are used appropriately for each graphic
Each visualization tells a story, and collectively all tell or contribute to a larger theme or story
I attached an infographic sample to know the final result need it
about the subject, you can choose something easy to do to till a story in one page infographic.

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