Whole Person Workplace

write a short 2-3 page paper of a Whole-Person Workplace (including, but not limited to flexibility, support for new parents, support for volunteerism, support for caretaking, financial assistance, employee wellness, or the many ways traditional HR policies can be made more mindful of employees as whole people). For these presentations, you will:
• Describe your chosen topic area, how employers typically manage this process, and how a WPW approach can be built into it
• Find and research a company that is using a WPW approach in that topic area. (For example, Microsoft provide 16 weeks paid parental leave, Ryan transformed its performance management to enable flexibility.) You may not use an employer that figures prominently in the WPW book, and may only use an employer referenced in that book if you provide significantly new, different, or updated information about them.
• Describe the benefits for employees and employers of this WPW approach to your topic area, using actual data and quantitative business-related outcomes.

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