Week 1 Discussion 1 Cap

To prepare for this
Draw upon the knowledge and
skills you have developed throughout your program.
Consider your experiences
with and knowledge of organizational culture.
Consider the idea of an
organization being mission driven or purpose driven.
***Follow the Week 1
Discussion Rubric for this paper.
Post your
analysis of the role of culture, mission, and purpose in an organization’s
strategy, to include the following:
In your own words, briefly
explain what strategy is and how it can help business leaders to focus on
“the big picture.”
Based on your own
experiences and knowledge of organizational culture, identify which
aspects of culture within organizations are most critical to the
development and execution of business strategy. Explain why.
Analyze whether it is
beneficial for an organization to base its strategy on being mission
driven or purpose driven. Explain why or why not. Are there any negatives
or compromises that organizations might need to consider?

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