Online Retail Analysis

You will choose two on-line retailer’s and do an analysis of each company. You will then compare and contrast each retailer.
1) Address the following issues for each store:
A The history of each on-line retailer.
B Do they operate using several different retail modalities, for example brick and mortar, on line, catalog etc.
C Do they operate globally?
D Analyze each stores home page, links, etc.
E How do they meet the needs of their consumers?
F Describe the merchandise sold, including the depth and breadth of the inventory offerings including a sampling of the brands that they carry.
E Ease of use of the retailer’s on-line site.
F Services offered, delivery approach, return policy, methods of payment etc.
G Your overall impression of their on-line presence.
H What do you think of their on-line advertising?
2) Compare and contrast the stores.
The paper should be approximately 3-5 pages and you should cite where necessary including a citation page.

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