Define “global north” and “global south.” Provide examples of a few places that might be considered part of each. Cite the source of your definitions.
Global North and Global South are recent terms to the discussion of various parts of the world where a term might be considered pejorative by some. Another set of terms is the Minority World and Majority World, which divides the world into population categories. Older terms such as first World and Third World are rejected by most today as negative terms.
I personally think in terms of the world that is reached (has been evangelized and has a strong Christian presence) as compared to the unreached world (those who have no Christians or churches among them).
In thinking through the terms you have been given, what is your personal opinion on these terms in providing some type of categorization of people and geography?
Nearly every aspect of defining Global North and South distinguishes these two regions on socio-economic criteria more than anything else. In the rich global North, Christianity is challenged by secularism. In the much poorer Global South, Christianity is flourishing. Do you see a correlation between poverty and faith versus Wealth and unbelief?

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